Certification process

The Blue Flag process assists in fulfilling the objectives of the MoEFCC flagship programmes on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and Coastal Mission. The following major activities are outlined as part of the Blue Flag programme in India

Blue Flag feasibility study will capture the readiness of the country to establish the programme and identify the capacity building needs in order to be able to launch and sustain the programme. FEE approves the launch of the programme based on the feasibility study.

Review of criteria for selection will be undertaken by the National Blue Flag Jury and FEE to evaluate how the international criteria can be applied/adapted to reflect India's environmental, social and economic conditions; human and technical capacities; and institutional framework. FEE approves regional adaptations to the criteria.

National blue flag jury comprising experts, government and civil society representatives together with the National Operator, will be formed to guide the establishment of the programme, and also the certification and monitoring mechanisms. The Jury will scrutinize the applications for Blue Flag certification from applicants in India and recommend finalists to the FEE International Jury, after which the Blue Flag Eco-Label will be awarded to the qualifying applicants/beaches. The award will be subsequently renewed for every season based on compliance to the Blue Flag criteria.

 Piloting blue flag in selected beaches to identify appropriate interventions to strengthen programme implementation as per the Indian and local context. The selected beaches and the pilot phase serve as learning sites and later, as models for other Blue Flag beach and marina candidates across the country. The pilot phase creates opportunities for the respective coastal states and local administrative bodies to upgrade their beaches to Blue Flag standards.



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